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The Chemistry Of Common Life (15th Anniversary)
Fucked Up
Catalogue Number
Release Date
23 lutego 2024
  • Winyl 2×LP, Special Edition

    Pre-order $38.99

    Revisionist History Translucent Orange Vinyl

    • + WAV / FLAC


    Szacowana data wydania: 23 lutego 2024

The latest instalment of Matador's Revisionist History Catalog Series, on limited clear orange 2LP to celebrate the album's 15th anniversary.

Fucked Up’s now classic 2008 album The Chemistry Of Common Life synthesizes numerous diverse impulses into an expansive epic about the mysteries of birth, death, and the origins of life (and re-living). Merging elements of hardcore songwriting with up to 70 tracks of guitars, organs, winds and vocals, (including 18 guitars on the first single, the fatalistic “No Epiphany”), the music remains iconoclastic and startling, with Pink Eyes’ vocals front and center. Guest musicians, of course, abound, notably gorgeous voices such as Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls and Toronto’s Katie Stelmanis.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Son The Father 6:32 Kup

    Son The Father

  2. 2 Magic Word 3:21 Kup

    Magic Word

  3. 3 Golden Seal 3:35 Kup

    Golden Seal

  4. 4 Days of Last 4:31 Kup

    Days of Last

  5. 5 Crooked Head 5:55 Kup

    Crooked Head

  6. 6 No Epiphany 4:19 Kup

    No Epiphany

  7. 7 Black Albino Bones 4:14 Kup

    Black Albino Bones

  8. 8 Royal Swan 4:49 Kup

    Royal Swan

  9. 9 Twice Born 4:29 Kup

    Twice Born

  10. 10 Looking For God 3:16 Kup

    Looking For God

  11. 11 The Chemistry Of Common Life 7:23 Kup

    The Chemistry Of Common Life

Fucked Up

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