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Wakin On A Pretty Daze (10th Anniversary Edition)
Kurt Vile
Catalogue Number
Release Date
8 abril 2013
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    Disponible: 25 agosto 2023

In 2023, Kurt Vile is making numbers count. Just last month, Matador Records presented the iconic Philadelphia songwriter with a (vegan) cheesesteak trophy to commemorate the 100-millionth stream of “Pretty Pimpin” on Spotify.

Today, though, we’d like to draw your attention to another significant KV digit: The 10th anniversary of his fifth full-length and first 2xLP, ‘Wakin on a Pretty Daze’ (2013).

To celebrate this milestone, we’ve brought the record back as a blue + yellow vinyl split available via KV and Matador webstores. This limited pressing will also include a reproduction of the “make your own cover” ESPO sticker sheet that accompanied the original 2013 special-edition. A yellow vinyl version of the record will be made available everywhere.

Where previous albums alternated between gorgeous fingerpicking and heavy guitar workouts, ‘Wakin’ blended the two into dreamy and expansive songs that frequently stretched well out beyond the five-minute mark.

Back then we said: “It’s a record that would have sounded great 30 years ago, sounds great today, and will still sound great 30 years from now.” Ten years down the line, we’re still confident that ‘Wakin’ will deliver the goods – yesterday, today, and in 2043.

The reissue serves as the latest entry in Matador Records’ Revisionist History series, our ongoing campaign to jog the record-buying (and streaming!) public’s memory about our many catalog items now poised to celebrate a significant anniversary. Matador will mark these anniversaries with new reissues and re-pressings. So far, the Revisionist History class of 2023 has highlighted Bettie Serveert’s Palomine and Lucy Dacus’s Historian.

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Wakin On A Pretty Day 9:30 Comprar

    Wakin On A Pretty Day

  2. 2 KV Crimes 3:57 Comprar

    KV Crimes

  3. 3 Was All Talk 7:41 Comprar

    Was All Talk

  4. 4 Girl Called Alex 6:19 Comprar

    Girl Called Alex

  5. 5 Never Run Away 3:24 Comprar

    Never Run Away

  6. 6 Pure Pain 5:08 Comprar

    Pure Pain

  7. 7 Too Hard 8:03 Comprar

    Too Hard

  8. 8 Shame Chamber 4:46 Comprar

    Shame Chamber

  9. 9 Snowflakes Are Dancing 3:22 Comprar

    Snowflakes Are Dancing

  10. 10 Air Bud 6:29 Comprar

    Air Bud

  11. 11 Goldtone 10:25 Comprar


Kurt Vile

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