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Sprained Ankle
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Julien Baker
Catalogue Number
Release Date
17 novembre 2016

Memphis, TN-based songwriter Julien Baker is the latest addition to the Matador Records roster. The 21-year-old’s devastating and vulnerable debut album, Sprained Ankle, which was originally released in 2015 and now gets re-released by Matador. The album was recorded at Spacebomb Studios, though Julien's songs don’t share the down-home gloss of the other albums produced there. Instead of beefing up her honest tunes with rich layering like Natalie Prass or Matthew E. White, Baker pares her songs down to their simplest possible format: alone, singing and playing acoustic guitar directly into the microphone, sometimes in a single take. That decision resulted in a remarkable record, one full of beautiful, personal explorations revealed in stark intimacy. That choice makes a lot of sense for Baker’s voice, both in the literal and figurative sense. Rather than Prass’ sweet, soaring tones or White’s blue-eyed soul, Sprained Ankle is delivered in reedy whispers and chilled coos. Released just before she turned 20 years old, the record still sounds raw - not that her voice lacks control or power, but rather that the weariness of songs about death, breakups, and existential questioning are sung with incredible presence. They’re coming of age songs from someone still coming of age, the wounds still fresh, the big truths currently being revealed. There are the struggles of depression, drugs, loneliness, but the clear-eyed way she faces it all supersedes any platitude.

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Blacktop 4:43 Acheter


  2. 2 Sprained Ankle 2:22 Acheter

    Sprained Ankle

  3. 3 Brittle Boned 3:37 Acheter

    Brittle Boned

  4. 4 Everybody Does 2:25 Acheter

    Everybody Does

  5. 5 Good News 3:31 Acheter

    Good News

  6. 6 Something 3:52 Acheter


  7. 7 Rejoice 3:33 Acheter


  8. 8 Vessels 4:26 Acheter


  9. 9 Go Home 5:04 Acheter

    Go Home

Julien Baker

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